17 Dec 2019
Art in the City


Banksy: Genius or Vandal?


This is the first major of BANKSY exhibition in Hong Kong to be organised featuring original artworks by this iconoclastic British artist, whose work has revolutionised contemporary art while his true identity continues to be unknown.



Open Space 2019

A series of exhibitions are designed to introduce works of media art and other forms of artistic expression risen in today’s media environment, facing a broad audience. On display are leading works from the realm of media art; artworks incorporating cutting-edge technologies and/or expressing critical standpoints; works by promising young artists; as well as projects currently in progress at various research institutions. Accompanied by explanatory notes that guide you through each piece, exhibits are not only presented for viewing and enjoyment, but hopefully also encourage visitors to reflect on backgrounds and contexts such as today’s diversified forms of media and communication, technology-driven contemporary society, future prospects, as well as new sensibilities and aesthetics.




As the world is gradually melting away, the Royal Academy presents a less usual exhibition. Gone are the Renaissance nudes and contemporary sculptures. Taking their place are eco-warriors joining forces with artists. The show casts a (solar-powered) light on the artists and architects doing their part in the fight against climate change and various other horrors haunting the planet. Visitors will become acquainted with the people fighting the good fight head-on, as well as those who are envisioning our shared destiny.



Making Knowing: Craft in Art, 1950 - 2019

This exhibition provides new perspectives on subjects that have been central to artists, including abstraction, popular culture, feminism and queer aesthetics, and recent explorations of identity and relationships to place. Together, the works demonstrate that craft-informed techniques of making carry their own kind of knowledge - one that is crucial to a more complete understanding of the history and potential of art.



Mad Camp "It's Okay Not Be Okay"

Mad Camp takes the audience on an interactive journey to seventeen fantastic realms, tackling social issues that are commonplace for Generation Y. Each exhibit space paints an intimate portrait that constructs, reshapes, refines, and exaggerates the internal and external forces that define our individual character and personalities, and the relationships that people have with each other and the world at large.

Hyper digitized images, magnified structural pieces, and multi-media installations are a few of the artistic elements that drive visitors into sensory overload, deconstructing and exploring themes and representations of what makes a human, and what unites humanity as a whole.


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